EMF Apparatus for the practical-minded

Okay, the prior post said that was it for this project ... BUT ... I was thinking that some folks really may not wish to spend all that time building a "pretty-ized" version of the EMF Apparatus, so I decided to make one that was VERY simplistic. What do we really need to make a … Continue reading EMF Apparatus for the practical-minded


Building the EMF Apparatus

In the previous post, I spoke of the parts required to build the EMF Apparatus. In this post, I'll give step-by-step instructions on building one. Parts required: Speaker - a 2 to 3 inch speaker with an 8 to 32 Ω impedance works well. Enclosure - suitable to house the speaker and Neodymium magnet. Neodymium magnet - a ½” … Continue reading Building the EMF Apparatus

A non-contact method of receiving frequencies

Since the original research and build of the ATtiny12 frequency generator over a decade ago, I've still been involved with this "frequency healing technology". I've successfully used it on myself and my offspring for pathogenic and non-pathogenic "issues" and I have friends and acquaintances that use it, all with great success! The original frequency generator … Continue reading A non-contact method of receiving frequencies