EMF Apparatus for the practical-minded

Okay, the prior post said that was it for this project … BUT … I was thinking that some folks really may not wish to spend all that time building a “pretty-ized” version of the EMF Apparatus, so I decided to make one that was VERY simplistic.

What do we really need to make a functional EMF Apparatus?

  • Speaker
  • Neodymium magnet
  • “Energy-shifter” Crystal
  • (Frequency generator)

Simple enough! How about without an enclosure? That could work! All we really need is to modulate a magnetic field to induce onto the “Energy-shifter” crystal. That could be implemented by placing the crystal on the speaker magnet (or Neodymium magnet if used) with the speaker “facing down”.

I chose to cut out a small 3″ square of cardboard to make a “shelf” for my crystal, using the Neodymium magnet to hold it in place on the back of the speaker. Since I have a 3.5mm plug with a “pigtail” that plugs into my frequency generator, I can access the “hot” wire with a jumper clip and connect it to one side of the speaker (shown below).

This post concludes the EMF Apparatus project.

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for misuse of the information presented. I make no claims as to “cures” for any particular “ailment” nor treatment thereof.

Peace and blessings.


Building the EMF Apparatus

In the previous post, I spoke of the parts required to build the EMF Apparatus. In this post, I’ll give step-by-step instructions on building one.

Parts required:

  • Speaker – a 2 to 3 inch speaker with a 32 Ω impedance works well.
  • Enclosure – suitable to house the speaker and Neodymium magnet.
  • Neodymium magnet – a ½” to 1″ round with “N35” to “N52″ strength.
  • Connecting wire – a single 8″ piece of 18 to 26 gauge wire is sufficient. I used an 6″ piece of RG-174 coaxial cable for rigidity.
  • Plug or connector – a 3.5mm mono phone plug is sufficient for my purpose but One may wish to use a different plug to suits their needs.


In the left photo above, the RG-174 coax cable has been stripped at both ends, the braid cut away and the internal stranded wire exposed. In my case, my frequency generator has a mating 3.5mm phone jack on it, so only the “tip” of the phono plug needs to be soldered.

In the center photo above, the other end of the RG-174 coax cable is soldered to one terminal of the speaker. It doesn’t matter which speaker terminal is soldered to.

In the right photo above, the Neodymium magnet can be placed on either the front or back side of the speakers magnet housing. If placed on the front side, once glued to the enclosure, the Neodymium magnet will be held captive and inaccessible, if that matters…

Once the wire(s) are soldered to the plug and speaker, glue the speaker to the case. With my chosen enclosure, a “surplus project box”, I glued my speaker to the bottom of the case but there was a mounting boss that inhibited placement of the speaker in the center, so I cut it off.


In the left photo above, the speaker is glued and a tie-wrap is used to keep the cable from pulling out of one of the holes on the back of the enclosure that the cable exits through.

In the center photo above, all the parts can be seen; top and bottom enclosure, screws, speaker, cable/plug and Neodymium magnet (which I attached to the back of the speaker). In my enclosure, there is about 1/16″ of clearance between the Neodymium magnet and the top of the enclosure, which makes a perfectly comfortable fit.

In the right photo above, the finished EMF Apparatus with three (3) black quartz crystals pointed to evenly distribute healing frequency energy over a wide angle.

I should point out that in one of Dr. Hulda Clark’s books, she speaks about her “Food Zappicator“, which she describes as a device that can be use with her “zapper” to eradicate pathogens and parasites from fruits and vegetables. She uses a 1KHz square wave for that purpose. The EMF Apparatus IS a “zappicator”.

This completes the project blog for the EMF Apparatus.

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for misuse of the information presented. I make no claims as to “cures” for any particular “ailment” nor treatment thereof.

Peace and blessings.

Theory of operation

In the prior post, I spoke about using black quartz crystal points as energy transmitters for non-contact reception of healing frequencies using a device I call an “EMF Apparatus“.

The theory of operation is as follows: create and modulate a relatively strong electromagnetic field, immerse an “energy shifter” crystal in the field. The crystal collects the energy from the modulated field and emits a stronger, coherent, modulated, diverging energy “beam” from it’s tip that can be used to receive said modulated frequencies. This is a non-contact device.

EMFbox-Red-1Sounds simple? Well, actually it is! And it’s even easier to build and requires only a few parts: 1) a small 32 Ohm speaker, 2) a Neodymium magnet (½ to 1″ round, N35 to N52), 3) a connector wire and 4) an enclosure to put it all in. For my “prototype”, I found a small plastic box with a lid that was easily removed (no screws or clips!).

EMF Apparatus V1.0

Let’s look at a simple schematic diagram of the EMF Apparatus. Oh yes, really simple! There is only one connection to the speaker, not two. The single connection to the speaker goes to the output of the frequency generator via the “3.5mm Phone Plug”.

At this point, I’ll switch to a question and answer format.

What does the speaker do? The speaker is really just a strong stationary magnet with a semi-freely moving paper tube around it. The paper tube is attached to a diaphragm, which is attached to the frame of the speaker. The internal paper tube is wrapped with lots of thin copper wire. In “normal operation“, the varying voltage (EMF) induced on the copper coil interacts with the magnetic field and makes the paper tube move up and down the axis of the magnet. The movements physically creates sound waves. In our case, we are using the magnetic field of the internal magnet and the copper-wire coil around it to modulate a strong electromagnetic field. Effectively, we are creating a wireless transmitter of sorts. Note that a large speaker is not necessary as a 2 to 3 inch speaker provides a strong enough field to use with the crystals. However, if you wish to use a larger speaker, feel free to do so.

Why don’t we use both connections to the speaker? Because we don’t need them to use the speaker as a “transmitter”. Besides, if we were to use both connections; 1) the load impedance of the speaker would heavily load the output of the frequency generator, 2) the physical restriction of the diaphragm would limit the strength of the magnetic field AND 3) depending on the frequencies being emitted, make an annoying sound! Without the 2nd connection, there is no load on the frequency generator and thus the copper coil in our transmitter is free to use ALL the energy provided by the frequency generator.

Why do we need a Neodymium magnet? The Neodymium magnet serves to increase the magnetic field already provided by the speaker’s internal magnet. Although a Neodymium magnet is NOT required, it is highly recommended. In practice, a ½” to 1″ round magnet with a strength of “N35” to “N52″ should work. I’ve constructed several of these EMF Apparatus devices using 1” N35  Neodymium magnets and they work great!

What about the speaker’s impedance? In actuality, any speaker impedance should work. However, speakers with a higher impedance do provide the advantage that they typically contain more copper wire than those of lower impedance, which effectively provides us with a longer “antenna”. The speakers I have used are 2 inch with a 32 Ω impedance. I think I purchased them on eBay for around US$1.00 each but even a small speaker scavenged from a “transistor radio” will work as long as its not a “piezo speaker”.

Do I need a specific enclosure and does the construction material matter? The simple answers are “no” and “as long as it’s not an alloy”. Any enclosure will work but an enclosure with a “Z dimension” that is just a bit higher than the combined thickness of the speaker and the Neodymium magnet is best since the electromagnetic field is strongest at the center of the speaker’s internal magnet. I’ve used both paper and plastic boxes for my EMF Apparatus enclosures.

How much voltage does the crystal need in order to operate with the EMF Apparatus? In practice, I use 30 volts peak-to-peak to drive the EMF Apparatus. One should use no less than 10 volts (p-p) to drive it. Obviously, the higher the voltage, the better. As an upper limit, depending on size, I think the crystals would saturate around 70 volts (p-p). Important note: If One already owns a “zapper” type device, it can be used with the EMF Apparatus because “zappers” typically emit an output voltage of about 8.5 to 9 volts (depending on the battery voltage), which is the absolute minimum to use.

What type of waveform should be used to drive the EMF Apparatus? I use square waves because of the extra harmonics they create. I see no reason One could not use sine waves.

Should I use single or multiple frequencies to drive the EMF Apparatus? I use single frequencies only because my frequency generator does not emit multiple frequencies simultaneously. In my opinion, using simultaneous multiple frequencies would work. I cannot begin to suggest what the maximum number of simultaneous frequencies would be but I would guess dozens.

Can I use multiple EMF Apparatuses to derive benefit from multiple single frequencies? Yes! I have done so with two three (3) EMF Apparatus devices. In theory, use as many as you have resources for.

How many black quart crystals can I use on the EMF Apparatus? I don’t think there is a limit. Perhaps 6 or 7? I typically use three (3) crystals that are about 4″ long with my “permanent” EMF Apparatus. I point them so they evenly cover my sleeping quarters with healing frequency energy. I sometimes also use one of my 7″ long black quartz crystals with the EMF Apparatus.

Red EMF boxDoes the crystal need to be centered over the speaker in the EMF Apparatus? Not necessarily. If only one crystal is being used, then centering it would be best. If using two (2) or three (3) crystals simultaneously, spread them but keep the “blunt” ends close to the speaker (as shown).

Where can I purchase black quartz crystal points? Black quartz, also sometimes called “Tibetan black quartz” is difficult to find. In my local area, none of the “Crystal and Gem” shops carry them and most folks have never even seen them. On occasion, I have found them on eBay. Perhaps your local supplier. Be careful that you aren’t sold “black onyx” or “black tourmaline” because they are NOT the same as black quartz. Black quartz is always found in its “natural” or “raw” state, NEVER “cut and polished”. On occasion, I do find lots of them and will make them available for purchase. Contact me to inquire.

Can I use clear quartz crystal points with the EMF Apparatus? As mentioned previously, SOME clear quartz crystals can be energy-shifters. Generally speaking, clear quartz crystals are used for healing purposes, not for energy-shifting. However, if you or someone you know is energy sensitive, clear quartz energy-shifting crystals might be found at your local “Crystal and Gem” shop.

What size crystals should I use with the EMF Apparatus? Generally speaking, the longer the crystal, the further it will emit energy. Diameter can also have an effect on the range as larger is better. When using black quartz crystals with the EMF Apparatus, One will typically see a doubling in the crystal’s range. As a general rule, crystals under 2.5″ should’t be used as their range is typically limited to about 3 to 4 feet when used with the EMF Apparatus. The range of clear quartz crystals is even more limited but longer is always better.

What type of energy does the crystal emit? I’m not sure the I can answer that question. I know that no known technology device can measure it. However, people who are “energy sensitive” can “feel” it. Some might say that it is “Source energy”; energy derived from the energy generator (“Source”) that creates and sustains our entire existence. My comprehension of “Source energy” is that it is energy that exists many levels BELOW even “Quantum energy”. I’ve heard the term “God particle” used as well. Does that help? 🙂

How long should I run frequencies for when using the EMF Apparatus? In my experience using the EMF Apparatus method, it takes about three (3) times longer than with the direct-contact method. If One would normally derive benefit from 60 minutes on say a “Candida” sweep using the direct-contact method, using the EMF Apparatus method would yield 180 minutes.

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for misuse of the information presented. I make no claims as to “cures” for any particular “ailment” nor treatment thereof.

In the next post, I’ll show step-by-step building of the EMF Apparatus.

Peace and blessings.

A non-contact method of receiving frequencies

Since the original research and build of the ATtiny12 frequency generator over a decade ago, I’ve still been involved with this “frequency healing technology”. I’ve successfully used it on myself and my offspring for pathogenic and non-pathogenic “issues” and I have friends and acquaintances that use it, all with great success!

The original frequency generator I started with used an ATMEL ATtiny12 microcontroller and a charge-pump. In that publication, I listed many useful frequencies.

After all this time, nearly 9 decades since first discovered by Dr. Rife, I find it amazing that frequency healing technology is still relatively unknown by folks. Especially, in the united States. But then again, the “medical system” DOES NEED “sick people” to make money and it is doubtful that as long as they are run by Illuminati controlled profiteers, that they will ever give anyone (but themselves) a “cure” for any ailment.

Over the years, something that has been a small irritation for me has been the need for electrical “contact” with my body in order to receive the frequencies, either using copper round “skin contacts” or “medical electrodes”.

I had always had this idea that I could use quart crystal points as a means to transmit the frequencies as a “non-contact” delivery method, however, I was not “energy sensitive” nor did I know anyone that was. So it was difficult to test the theory as the energy emitted by crystals, to the best of my knowledge, isn’t something that can be measured by “physical equipment”.

In the past few years, I have found and associate with a small collection of friends and acquaintances that ARE energy-sensitive, even VERY energy sensitive, enough to test the theory. The energy-sensitives whom I know ALL tell me that they feel energy being emitted from the tips of various “single-termination” (sometimes called “Tibetan”) black quartz crystals that I have acquired. Some clear quartz crystals as well. I’ve come to refer to black quart crystals as “energy shifters” because they collect and shift the energy out of their tips. This energy cannot be measured by any physical technology devices that I am aware of.


In this post, I will share with you how to make and use a device that I labeled an “EMF Apparatus”. EMF stands for “electro-motive force” and is a well know electronics term having to due with electrical fields of energy.

The EMF Apparatus can be used with black (and some clear) quart crystals to emit frequencies as a non-contact delivery method. Using this method, One can run healing frequencies overnight while they sleep. As a matter of fact, I run mine on the “bacterial sweep” continually and I’ve not been “sick” in many years.

Below is the original EMF apparatus that I built using a simple 2 inch 8Ω speaker. The photo on the left shows the EMF apparatus with the three (3) black quartz crystals I use with it.


Energy shifting crystals can emit energy up to a limited distance. That distance is dependent on their length and girth. For example, I have two (2) black quartz crystals that are about 6.5 and 7 inches long. Normally they can emit energy up to about 8 feet away but using the EMF apparatus, they can emit energy up to 15 feet away! Smaller black quartz crystals of about 3.5 to 4 inches long can emit energy up to about 3 feet but using the EMF apparatus, they can emit energy up to 5 to 7 feet away. The crystals are frequency dependent, with a high frequency cutoff of about 1.25 MHz for the smaller crystals and 10% to 20% lower for the larger crystals.

In the next post, I’ll speak more about the theory of operation

Peace and blessings.